Managed Energy

Strategy, software and processes

Warburtons needed a single energy management strategy – plus the right software and processes to deliver it – across the business. So we developed a platform precisely targeted to their needs.

Services & Applications

    • Energy Asset Management
    • Data & Systems Integration
    • Monitoring and Targeting
    • Digital Dashboards
    • Custom Reporting
    • Project Management


Warburtons is the UK’s second biggest grocery brand, baking over two million products every day and employing 4,500+ staff across 25 sites.

It’s a significant operation, and Warburtons is rightly conscious of its energy consumption; the brand is committed to minimising its environmental impact. And, just like other manufacturers, rising energy costs present an ongoing risk.

So, for the business, having a system to accurately analyse and manage energy usage became mission-critical: Warburtons needed a single energy management strategy – and the software and processes to deliver it – to understand consumption on the factory floor and improve reporting right across the business.


Accurate data needs accurate recording: improving data quality at source became a core objective of our work.

We enabled live sub-meter data collection, connecting 800+ units across 12 factories. In addition, we integrated fiscal invoice and AMR collection and created custom reports for financial, compliance, and engineering tasks.

One key metric for Warburtons is energy consumption relative to production. So, to give the company a means of reporting this measure, we integrated our own energy management system, Digitalenergy, with Warburton’s SAP (Systems Applications and Products). As a result, staff can now track energy in the same timeframe and boundary as production, bringing meaningful insights to reporting.

Meanwhile, the system’s ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) module now provides a dashboard view of the organisation, so getting access to data is simpler than ever.


Working closely with Warburtons’ IT, Process Improvement and Procurement stakeholders, we’ve delivered a customised platform that has been precisely adapted to the business.

By bringing the organisation together with a simple strategy and process, Warburtons can focus on continual improvement, delivering manufacturing excellence based on accurate and reliable data.


    • Structured energy data on demand
    • Visibility and measurement of manufacturing projects
    • Increased stakeholder engagement throughout the company
    • Reduction of risk from carbon compliance (CCA)


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