Software (Teams), as a Service

Sourcing an in-house tech team that's ready to take on the changing needs of your business can be tough. We have a simple software management solution.

Global Tech Talent: Tailored to Your Business

Great developers are in short supply. Great developers prepared to see projects through are even thinner on the ground. And as the pool gets smaller, understandably, costs are being driven upwards. But there is an alternative…

Cloud Energy offers a unique service that can flex your technical capacity, deploying software specialists to give you bandwidth, wherever and whenever you need it.

We Deliver

Your technical requirements can develop as your business evolves, but what if your team can't adapt to the changing landscape rapidly? In response, we can deliver.

Entire Teams

Scale up with fresh capacity, from two-person units to teams with multiple lanes.

Team Augmentation

Enhance your existing team with roles you might be missing.

Outsourced Projects

Hand over an entire project for our team to deliver on your behalf.

Software Testers

Bring in dedicated testing capacity.

Tech Training

Up-skill your team with the latest standards.

Fully Managed Software Solutions

We can manage your own development team for you.

And of course, we're entirely flexible: meaning we can build out a solution using any combination of the above, dependent on your precise needs.

Flex your technical capacity

Cloud Energy offers a unique service that can flex your technical capacity, deploying software specialists to give you bandwidth; wherever and whenever you need it.

The benefits of outsourced software management:

Premium Expertise. In A Premium Solution

We manage, train, and employ software specialists on your behalf, hand-picking experts from our hub of leading international software talent. And we take care of the admin, too.

Cut Expenditure, Not Corners

Combining the highest levels of technical consultancy from the UK with the benefits of our highly-skilled, scalable, and cost-effective overseas team means you save money and stay focused on your strategic objectives.

Flexibility, Baked In

Whether you need an entire team to take on a new project, are looking to augment your existing staff with a few key roles, or a mixture of both, we'll give you the best talent for the tasks at hand.

How does it work?


Commercial Agreement




Deployment or Search


Competence & Compatibility


Selection and Onboarding


Orientation and Handover


Work in Progress


Monitoring & Care


We continually invest in training, in-line with the ever-changing technology landscape.

This means we can provide in-house developers that cover a wide range of technologies and assist with every aspect of your software management.

Furthermore, we are qualified and experienced when it comes to sourcing new people to manage and deliver projects in emerging technologies.

Below are some of the most popular technologies our customers look to us to deliver currently.

Why Us?

Well. We're software developers...

We have projects, deadlines, and clients, just like you.

We built a platform with £1m+ in VC backing and realised just how difficult securing the right expertise was. We did it the hard way.

But, having struggled to build teams using traditional recruiters, we addressed our supply challenge head on. And in doing so, we created a unique premium outsourced service that we now offer to our clients and partners, empowering their software management.

65+ experts

Two global offices

One team

We've built a truly international team, combining commercial acumen, exceptional project management and world-class software development skills.

Current Solutions

We're trusted to deliver software management solutions to some of the UK's leading businesses, in utilities, financial services, facilities and beyond.

With teams in focus:

Providing team members and project capacity for a digital agency struggling to secure enough engineers to service client requirements.

A dedicated 30-strong software team servicing a repetitive function, maintaining high-quality customer delivery while reducing costs.

Supporting Alfa's in-house unit to develop concepts into service offerings, sourcing and managing engineers to bring these projects to fruition.

Augmenting the company's development team with long-term testing capacity.

Driving efficiency through outsourced testing capacity.

MyMobileWorkers is a UK-based digital management platform. It's built for any company with a mobile workforce and empowers businesses to manage and track their team's progress against daily tasks and workflows.

The business had an in-house development team but wanted to expand this resource with a dedicated software tester: ideally, someone who could test code whilst the rest of their team was offline.

With a dedicated tester located and managed through our Cloud Energy's Mumbai office, MyMobileWorkers increased testing efficiency while reducing their overheads, with tasks handed over for testing at the end of the working day in the UK. So now, when the team arrive at their desks every morning, feedback on work completed the previous is ready and waiting to be actioned.


Talk to us about your capacity requirements: we'd love to discuss your objectives and help you plan for success.