Software Development And Tech Careers at Cloud Energy

Blue-chip clients. Real-world challenges. And a truly supportive culture.

That's just a taste of the career awaiting you at Cloud Energy. We work with forward-thinking companies, helping them realise their objectives through the innovative application of technology. But the key to our success is the team: that's why we work hard to give them the best working environment possible.

Working With Us

At CES, you'll get the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that respond to real-world challenges across multiple sectors. Imagine the difference you could make:

Improving Satisfaction

You could be building an app for a service company, shaping better online experiences that drive improved customer satisfaction.

Realising Growth

Alternatively, you might be transforming an entire operation; overhauling a company's entire digital infrastructure to realise new opportunities.

Or Saving The World

You might be applying technology to reduce energy consumption for clients, helping the world meet carbon reduction targets while promoting a sustainable planet.

We have opportunities in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Product Services and Project Management.

Perks And Benefits

Our commitment to you goes way beyond that paycheck at the end of the month. When you feel happy at work, you're able to perform to your best abilities. That's why we offer:

Attractive compensation

because we value your time, skills, and contributions, we offer a competitive salary.

Positive work culture

trust and collaboration are core to our operation, and we'll never micro-manage you.

Training and certification

when you grow, we all grow: the more you develop, the more fulfilling your work is.

5 days / 37.5 hours week

of course, you have a life outside of work; we make sure you have time to live it.

Flexible working & leave

giving you the flexibility you need, whether that's remote working or adapted hours.

Comprehensive health policy

health is wealth, so we provide comprehensive cover to protect your well-being.

What Our Team Thinks

The success of our company is built around our committed team of digital experts.

So who better to tell you what it's like to work with us?

"It's my dream company: a wonderful company to work with. The management team is always supportive, providing an excellent work environment and culture with a great balance between work and life. There are opportunities to learn other technologies and to move within projects, too."

"CES maximises your potential, ensuring the steps towards your future are well-organised. It has a flexible work culture and a team-oriented workplace."

"I love working with CES, and I know my work here is genuinely valued. The support and trust demonstrated by senior managers gives me the freedom to incorporate my own technical solutions while keeping politics and micro-management away."

"CES has a positive working environment. It takes care of employees' work-life balance, and they also help your personal growth."

"I feel very comfortable working at Cloud Energy Software as it promotes a positive work-life balance. CES provides a flexible and relaxed culture where I have the freedom to work in a productive environment."

"I get to work freely without any micro-management, and the working hours are flexible."

"With the flexibility and work-life balance on offer, CES offers me challenging work and room to grow."

Our mission

To make businesses more efficient through the considered application of technology.

We build lasting connections with our clients, developing a deep understanding of their current processes and business objectives. Combining this with our technical expertise and responsive approach, we create solutions that deliver positive impacts - today and tomorrow.

Our culture

We've built a working environment that lets you focus on what's best for you and your skills: one that keeps you happy, productive and motivated.

Although our clients are blue-chip, our own culture is more like a start-up:


Nobody wants to be just a cog in a wheel. At CES, you'll have complete insight into a project, end-to-end, playing a key role in its success.


Rather than working through your boss's to-do list, you'll have the freedom to define the best solution to project requirements and make your mark on the business.


You'll be part of a cooperative, adaptive team with a great work ethic. Surrounded by peers as talented as you, there's no fear in asking for help when you need it.


Need to organise a vacation, or just plan for a later start one morning? As long as everything's in-track and planned in, you'll have ownership over your schedule.

Our values

Our values have been essential to creating a successful business, so we continue to be guided by these simple principles. That's why:

We never stop learning

By constantly challenging and updating our skills, we can stay at the forefront of digital development. That's why staff training and progression are so important to us.

We're in it for the duration

We've built a company upon great relationships; with clients and our team. Our projects are long-term, always, meaning we have the security of a corporate but the flexibility of a start-up.

We're committed to our people

We're only as good as the people delivering our service. So we invest in our family of people, creating a truly supportive working environment with some of the best perks available.

Our locations

Manchester - UK

Based in Manchester, our UK office works with clients to transform their ideas into a working reality.

Packing vast commercial experience, coupled with hard-earned technical expertise, they act as a guide for our clients, expanding their horizons on what's possible, and ensuring the solution that's delivered gives ticks every box imaginable.

Mumbai - India

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, our India office is the engine room of the business, ensuring every project is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest specification possible.

The office has over 40 highly-skilled developers and expert testers, full-time, on-site: professionals who can realise even the most challenging data and technical objectives.