Corona Energy

An interface that works for every single user

Following rapid expansion and changes to consumer behaviour, Corona Energy needed a new client portal that could meet the high-quality expectations of its corporate and SME customers.

Services & Applications

    • Technical Consultancy
    • Internal Auditing
    • Data & Systems Integration
    • Digital Dashboards
    • Custom Reporting
    • Energy Accounting
    • Energy Asset Management
    • Project Management


Corona Energy is a leading independent B2B gas and electricity supplier. With over 20 years’ experience, the company supplies 14% of the UK’s industrial and commercial gas market.

Following rapid expansion, alongside changes to consumer behaviour, Corona needed a new client portal to serve its corporate and SME customers. After scanning the market, the company chose Cloud Energy Software to undertake the work.

The project was complex, with several third-party solutions requiring integration and a tight delivery timeline. And to complicate things further, the legacy system was still ‘live’ at the business whilst the new platform was built.


With some 13,000 users expecting the highest quality standards from Corona, we had to get this right.

So, to provide the best possible recommendations, we spent as much time as possible getting to know the client; working alongside the Corona team, we let their knowledge of end-users guide the technology.

We designed and tested how each user journey would unfold from one screen to the next. We made intelligent decisions on how pages would load; where large data items would ordinarily slow page loading down, key parts of the page load faster so the user can start interacting straight away.

To maintain a smooth user experience whilst working with large volumes of data, our engineers optimised the system with a multi-layered service architecture.

And as the system needed to integrate with third-party services, we built bespoke interfaces with built-in security; therefore, issues with external services don’t impact the rest of the portal.


The result is a beautiful portal combining a minimal approach with a smooth interface: all while delivering significant performance gains over the previous system.

This new portal has transformed the customer experience, in turn improving retention. It has also driven growth within the business, with enhanced sales management and increased reporting across the company.

    • Modern and responsive user portal
    • Mobile device compatibility
    • Multiple user journeys catering for different groups
    • Detailed audit logging
    • Integration between many business systems
    • Optimised performance over the entire code stack
    • Robust and scalable design
    • Fully automated deployment
    • Detailed audit logging


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