Meter reading submission automated

With AI learning, RAS Read Automation Software automates the meter reading submission process for customers and service providers by scanning, digitising, and categorising meter readings based on accuracy. This reduces errors and manual effort, resulting in significant operational cost savings, accurate forecasting and billing, and increased customer satisfaction.


Currently, customers supply meter readings to their service providers using various methods and file formats, such as JPEGs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, CSV and Word documents.

This requires service provider teams to manually input meter reading information into customer accounts and energy management software, then review and manage it based on the data quality. This process is prone to errors, time consuming and operationally expensive, often leading to inaccurate forecasting, billing, and customer dissatisfaction.

This is where RAS Read Automation Software comes in.


RAS uses built-in AI learning to automate the meter reading submission process.

Meter readings are submitted by email in various file formats to RAS, which scans the data, digitises it and categorises it by assigning it a confidence score based on accuracy: Green, Amber, or Red. Green data is automatically added to a customer's account or a third party of your choice, with no need for manual review, while Amber and Red data are flagged for manual review and management by the service provider or, if required, our in-house data team. With AI learning, accuracy improves over time, reducing the need for manual intervention.

It's as simple as that. All a customer has to do is email their readings in a format suitable to them, and RAS does the rest.


  • Handles multiple file formats
  • Scanned, digitised, categorised, and automated meter reading submission
  • In-app management or third-party integration
  • AI learning for continuous improvement
  • Reduced errors and manual effort
  • Significant operational cost savings
  • Accurate forecasting and billing
  • Increased customer satisfaction

meter reading submission process

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