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Elevate your data capture, analytics, processing, visualisation and reporting software.

Cloud Energy Software offers a range of integrated applications and SaaS Solutions that have been developed to solve the most challenging data capture, analytics and reporting difficulties in the IoT, Energy and Utilities markets. 

Our Senectra platform has EIGHTEEN separate applications built to solve the key industry data collection, processing and reporting jobs. These can be combined to provide a unique solution to fill in the gaps in your current systems.

Cloud Energy Software are able to develop original applications at a competitive price to satisfy your particular requirements.



Unlike any other provider we provide instant access to 18 existing applications, providing solutions from data captions, scheduling, integration, validation and reporting. This extensive range of apps can then be combined to create your own custom solution. Our development team can customise these apps and build new apps to fill any gaps in your requirements...

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Our Senectra platform includes over 20 secure and scalable applications for all types of data capture, processing, analytics, visualisation, reporting and systems integration. This allows us to offer a great starting platform from which we can tailor your solution to meet your exact specifications with minimal risk and investment. This is why we have become recognised as a leader in providing IOT, Energy and Utilities SaaS solutions.

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Tell us what's missing from your existing solutions, and we will fill that gap

Why IOT, Utility & Energy Companies Choose Senectra...

  • 18 Existing Applications
  • White Labelled Solutions
  • Low Cost Software Development
  • Seamless System Integration
  • Software Partnerships
  • Continuous Platform Development