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Working in Partnership With You

Industry leading solutions for your data caption, processing, integration and reporting

Through our offices in the UK, US and India we provide a unique package of existing applications and highest level programming skills to deliver the perfect solutions for your data caption, processing and reporting.

The introduction of smart meters and the Internet of Things simply increases the need for reliable, scalable and user friendly applications.

The ability to manage this data and manage it through the use of applications in the cloud, this is what lies at the core of Cloud Energy Software Senectra’s Framework producing white label solutions for our customers.

How we work...

You can choose from a series of standard proven applications from our Senectra platform which have been developed, tested and enhanced over the last 10 years
A project plan is agreed and is used to manage the implementation
Our services team will help establish data flows and capture historic data in preparation for operational go-ahead
At the same time any customisation requirements are specified and acceptance criteria signed off by the partner before commencing programming.
Once development and testing is complete the final solution is delivered for operational acceptance
Ongoing support and management is provided including continuous software progression through ongoing upgrades.

Over 15 years experience of designing and implementing business software systems

Why Use Cloud Energy Software

Over 20 secure and scalable applications for all types of data capture, processing, analytics, visualisation, reporting and systems integration via APIs.

Using our existing applications means that a high % of the solution is investment free and low risk.

Development services through our Mumbai subsidiary ensures a low cost white labelled solution.

Our SaaS revenue model, based on devices managed, is price competitive.

Highly secure and flexible cloud based hosting provides the ultimate in scalability.

Our partner model ensures a strong long term relationship between Cloud Energy and your organisation.

Our componentised approach enables continuous software progression through ongoing upgrades.