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About Us

Over 12 years of experience designing & implementing business software systems

Cloud Energy Software foundations began in 2003 within the Information Prophets Group, as an in house development team. Its first application was a complete energy management solution for the UK, now branded as digitalenergy®. This pioneer solution was designed to be cloud based and one of the first in its market.

The design reflected the complexity of the solution and its need to process large volumes of data in an efficient way. This resulted in a software framework that included 20+ applications that could form White Labelled Solutions for the energy and utility market.

Cloud Energy Software Ltd was officially established in 2014. In the beginning, we started with a small number of software partners who worked with us to deliver their vision for their customers through a number of ongoing projects.

After this initial success. providing white labelled solutions through a software partnership offer to the UK market and an initial entry through a US partner became our prime focus.

Expansion through low risk, low cost solutions

Cloud Energy Software has offices in the UK, US and India, we produce robust, secure and scalable cloud based applications from our proven software framework to your specification, at a cost effective price.

The framework we’ve created consists of a number of internationalized applications that are ready to use for your energy management solution.

Our development team is able to integrate your business requirements unique to your organization to provide applications from this framework.

Our 'Partnership in Development' approach

We use agile development methods, releasing the solution for your comments as it is developed, engaging you in the process to ensure the best solution.

Our goal is to create applications for our partners that are able to grow as our partners grow, to create applications that establish long term relationships that will build on your investment, and to create applications that respond to our partners needs, allowing you to be successful in your own goals.

In 2016 Cloud Energy Software were very please to have been selected to complete the BS11000 standard for collaborative business with Siemens Managed Services in the UK, demonstrating our commitment to partnerships.